What's in my iPhone?

March 15, 2013

While I was drinking a few beers with friends last night, we started to talk about our favorite apps, make comparison and highlight the fact that some of our more used apps could be different of our favorites. Surprisingly I noticed that the way I organise the apps is unintentionally very well-arranged. I have four screens, yes only four screens in which applications are categorized logically finally: first multi-daily used apps, then frequently used apps, then occasionally used app and, well, the rest!

Welcome screen: daily used apps

On the dock, naturally the four more used apps:

  • Native phone app
  • MailBox app
  • Text & iMessage
  • Diabetes follow up app

And on the screen, I have:

  • Native clock app
  • Camera & Photos
  • Native music app
  • Native email app
  • Web Browsers Chrome & Google Search
  • Twitter, Facebook, Couple & Instagram

Second screen: frequently used apps

Then, here come Google Maps, the social networks apps I regularly log in like LinkedIn, Google + & Vine, the settings and appstore apps, the calculator and bank apps, the new Basecamp iPhone app for project management, Remote to control the Apple TV, Gmail and the Calendar.

Third screen: occasionally used apps

On this screen, I have Evernote & Notes, Newsstand & iBooks (which I use a lots for PDF and Ebooks), Contacts & My Friends, Passbook, Marmiton (which actually could be in the second screen!), AirBnB, Skype, Voyages-SNCF (French railway company) and RATP (Paris Subway).

Last screen: rest of the world

On the last screen, all remaining applications are organized into several folders: General, Medias & Magazines, Tourism, Languages & Translation, Games, Geography, Sport & Outdoor Activities, Day-to-day tools, Videos and Streaming Music, and all the apps I install to see how they look like and understand how they work.

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