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August 12, 2013

Dexem Connect is a fast, beautiful and friendly contact manager for iPhone.

With this app, people can easily manage their contacts into customized lists and intuitively navigate through these lists. Users can quickly connect with their favorite people and people they call the most, because they know where they are.

Who are the first users?

Our first users are business people who use lists to manage teams and clients, connected moms who deal with several groups of people (business, family, school, sport), students who work in different workgroups, and people in associations (especially sport associations). Like them, after you’ll create your firsts lists, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Dexem Connect offers the opportunity to send an email or a SMS to a list of contacts - for example to inform your colleagues of a meeting, let your friend know about a reservation in a restaurant, inform your team of a game on Sunday or send an update to parents of students.

We believe in the value of simplicity and great design. Dexem Connect is simple, clean and beautiful. We strongly paid attention to make sure the app is usuable by everybody and focus on

What's next?

We've planned to continue growing only on organic downloads based on search and virality. We'll use this time - which we consider as in public beta - to talk with the first users and improve the apps based on their feedbacks. We already have some great insights to implement for the next release.

Dexem Connect is now available on the AppStore.

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